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Today’s consumer is evolving at a speed that is difficult to keep pace with. Leverage Plushetech’s technology platform and exclusive access to mobile intelligence, and create new paths to understand, identify, engage and acquire consumers.

Understand and Identify Your Target Consumers

Discover the ever-evolving needs of consumers through Cocotechs Pulse. Identify the best customer segments using Cocotechs Audiences and supercharge your marketing campaigns.

Engage and Acquire Your Best Customers

Deliver brand experiences that inspire action using Cocotechs Exchange. Acquire high-quality users at scale with Cocotechs DSP and grow your business.


You can rest assured that your offers will be delivered to the right people. Our platform is equipped with advanced anti-fraud detection tools that enable us to conduct real-time and accurate monitoring and reporting. In addition, we have our own traffic and trusted partners that can help you promote your campaigns worldwide.


Entrust the whole process to us once the cooperation is established. you will receive all the hottest quotations and the freshest ideas In addition, we will provide unique solutions for finding and accepting profitable users. We prefer to pay on time but we also provide you with flexible payment terms.

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It has gathered professionals with rich experience to create such a global intelligent data-driven marketing platform. We have connected brands, advertisers and affiliates around the world.

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